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Raising a 10-meter instrumentation tower affixed to a trailer, for the Test Grid Safari Instrumentation System, at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. The new multimillion dollar system, anticipated this fall, will employ moveable infrastructure to test chemical and biological agent detectors not only established grids, but elsewhere on Dugway as required. During detector testing outdoors, only benign, simulated agent is used. Photo by Joe Mashinski, US Army

Outdoor simulant testing at Dugway to be more efficient, mobile

Ten years ago, Dugway began pursuing a system to make outdoor testing of chemical and biological defenses more efficient and mobile, and less expensive. By this fall, the newly installed hardware and software of the Test Grid Safari Instrumentation System will be in place to solve those requirements in an era of shrinking budgets and reduced personnel staffing.... Read More

The Rapid Integration and Acceptance Center, a tenant unit at Dugway Proving Ground, will test a wide variety of unmanned aerial systems at Michael Army Airfield. Operators will also be trained. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Public Affairs

Dugway busy in 2017 with tests, training and tenants

Dugway Proving Ground will be bustling in 2017, according to Ryan Harris, director of Dugway‘s West Desert Test Center.... Read More

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Team Dugway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2017!‘ With the dawn of a new year, comes new opportunities to set and achieve new goals and overcome new challenges.‘ It‘s also a great time to do a little self-reflection from the past year and determine how to turn past failures or missteps into future successes.‘ 2016 was filled with many trying moments and challenges for the entire Dugway Team, but none-the-less we proved to be resilient and tough and can say with certainty we are a stronger and... Read More

Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, commander of the Army‘s Installation Management Command, talks with Col. Sean Kirschner, Dugway‘s commander, about Dugway‘s testing for Soldier‘s protective clothing, masks and point detectors. Dahl called his first visit to the Combined Chemical Test Facility ‘impressive.‘ Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson / Dugway Public Affairs

IMCOM Commander calls Dugway test center an ‘eye opener‘

‘I learn a lot about the relationships of a military community when I see how well events are supported,‘ he said. ‘It was nice to see that Dugway is tightly knit.‘... Read More

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About DPG

U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is the nation's leading test center for Chemical and Biological Defense, conducting efficient testing and support to enable our nation's defenders, inter-agency partners and our Allies to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards.

Dugway Proving Ground provides unparalleled testing, evaluation, training and technical support while maintaining a world-class workforce, facilities and quality of life for our employees and their families.

Established: 1942
Location: Northwestern Utah
Size: 800,000 acres
Elevation: 4,500 -7,000 feet above sea level
Temperature: -15 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

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