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Simulated biological agent is disseminated within the 550-foot-long Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel toward a variety of detectors on the other end at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah in 2015. The tunnel-like structure allows the control of wind speed and simulant concentration. Interior releases are unaffected by all but the worst weather outside. Photo by Jim Robertson, Dugway Proving Ground Optics Branch

Dugway to challenge world‘s chem/bio detectors

For the fourth year, Dugway Proving Ground will invite developers, manufacturers and users of chemical and biological agent detectors to learn how well their systems perform in a series of authentic trials against simulated agent.... Read More

A pyrotechnic burst signals the beginning of the simulated chemical agent attack during March 28, 2017 operational testing of the Joint Services Equipment Wipe at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Soldiers quickly donned MOPP IV gear, then used the JSEW to remove a chemical simulant from their equipment and weapons. If adopted, the moist wipes will augment or replace the M295 mitt (powder decontamination) beginning this fall. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Public Affairs

Soldiers test chemical decontamination towelette at Dugway

In 2015, the Department of Defense issued the Initial Capabilities Document for Contamination Decontamination, identifying what worked, and what was needed, after a chemical attack or incident.... Read More

Bill Ratcliffe

Some residents of Dugway made mark later

Dugway Proving Ground has some surprising ties to a few people who gained fame or distinction. If you use GPS, enjoy Washington-made wine or watched the 2017 Academy Awards, you‘re a little closer to Dugway.... Read More

Royal Air Force Gunners of the 26 and 27 Squadron of the 20 Wing RAF Regiment learn and practice chemical and biological defense skills March 7, 2017 at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Here, an R.A.F. sergeant briefs his team before entering a training building, to search for a mock lab created as a replica of a real threat. Only simulated agent is used.Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Public Affairs

UK Gunners learn Chem/Bio Defense at Dugway

For more than 14 years, a contingent of United Kingdom Royal Air Force Gunners from 20 (Defence CBRN) Wing has eagerly traveled from the U.K. to the vast desert of northwestern Utah for some of the world‘s most advanced training in chemical and biological defense.... Read More

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About DPG

U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is the nation's leading test center for Chemical and Biological Defense, conducting efficient testing and support to enable our nation's defenders, inter-agency partners and our Allies to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards.

Dugway Proving Ground provides unparalleled testing, evaluation, training and technical support while maintaining a world-class workforce, facilities and quality of life for our employees and their families.

Established: 1942
Location: Northwestern Utah
Size: 800,000 acres
Elevation: 4,500 -7,000 feet above sea level
Temperature: -15 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

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