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S/K Challenge III Aug. 18, 2016 at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. During the two week event, Dugway scientists and personnel released benign, simulated chemical and biological agents in chambers and the open air, so agencies, manufacturers and users could test their detectors. Dugway records its own referee data, but not those of the users. Dugway‘s data is provided to the users for comparison. Consequently, S/K Challenge is much cheaper than a conventional test, and the operators return with an excellent understanding of what works and what should be improved. Photo by Al Vogel / Dugway Public Affairs

Dugway S/K Challenge IV to test chemical and biological detectors

Dugway Proving Ground will host its fourth S/K Challenge beginning May 7, to assess the strengths and weakness of chemical and biological detectors and its associated software in an operational defense environment.... Read More

A vehicle-mounted disseminator releases simulated chemical agent on Dugway Proving Ground, Utah toward a distant detector. A faster-data, mobile system for testing chemical and biological agent detectors is expected this year. Photo by Joe Mashinski, U.S. Army

Dugway to receive mobile, quicker chem/bio detector test grid

After nearly 11 years of planning, construction testing and trials, U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is poised to take receipt of a portable outdoor test grid system that will reduce the cost, effort and time required to test new or modified chemical or biological agent detectors. Ultimately, the new grid system will speed the process of getting approved detectors into the hands... Read More

WAACs at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, march to their first meal shortly after arriving on April 20, 1943. Note the many young trees planted by the roadway, purchased at the expense of Dugway‘s first commander Col. John Burns. After the war, when Dugway was closed, the trees were removed for replanting to Deseret Depot. Unknown photographer

Dugway WAACs of 1943 among nation‘s first

"During the time I have had WACs under my command they have met every test and task assigned to them . . . their contributions in efficiency, skill, spirit and determination are immeasurable."... Read More

AlabamaNational Guard‘s 46th Civil Support Teamwork a threat scenario created by Dugway‘s Special Program Division Mobile Training Teams. The CST is checking their detectors, after an alarm is set off. The alarm was triggered by chemical or biological simulants placed on the target by Dugway‘s Mobile Training Team members as part of their training exercise. Photo provided by Tony Kemp.

Dugway offers global chemical - biological response training

Helping to keep warfighters, first responders and populations safe from chemical and biological agents is an effort that requires early detection and identification, correct sampling and decontamination methods taught by a team of experts willing to train response teams anywhere in the world.... Read More

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U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is the nation's leading test center for Chemical and Biological Defense, conducting efficient testing and support to enable our nation's defenders, inter-agency partners and our Allies to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards.

Dugway Proving Ground provides unparalleled testing, evaluation, training and technical support while maintaining a world-class workforce, facilities and quality of life for our employees and their families.

Established: 1942
Location: Northwestern Utah
Size: 800,000 acres
Elevation: 4,500 -7,000 feet above sea level
Temperature: -15 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

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