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S/K Challenge III Aug. 18, 2016 at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. During the two week event, Dugway scientists and personnel released benign, simulated chemical and biological agents in chambers and the open air, so agencies, manufacturers and users could test their detectors. Dugway records its own referee data, but not those of the users. Dugway‘s data is provided to the users for comparison. Consequently, S/K Challenge is much cheaper than a conventional test, and the operators return with an excellent understanding of what works and what should be improved. Photo by Al Vogel / Dugway Public Affairs

Dugway S/K Challenge IV to test chemical and biological detectors

Dugway Proving Ground will host its fourth S/K Challenge beginning May 7, to assess the strengths and weakness of chemical and biological detectors and its associated software in an operational defense environment.... Read More

A skid-mounted Series-20 environmental conditioning chamber at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, that may be turned over to Yuma Proving Ground, Airizona. Photo taken April 11, 2018. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs

Dugway to save money with chamber gift to Yuma PG

Dugway Proving Ground will soon send 11 environmental conditioning chambers to Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, saving that installation nearly $2 million over the cost of new chambers, and eliminating Dugway‘s cost of maintaining chambers it no longer uses.... Read More

Small Business Vendor Fair at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah for the public April 12, 2018. Col. Brant D. Hoskins, commander of Dugway Proving Ground, spoke of Dugway‘s longtime association with small business contractors, then introduced a short video that explained the post‘s varied missions. The event was sponsored by the Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) office at Dugway, and the regional MICC office that oversees Fort Carson, Colorado; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and Dugway. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs

Dugway‘s Small Business Fair demystifies contract process

It can be intimidating for local small businesses to learn how to obtain contracts with Dugway Proving Ground for goods and services, but it‘s getting easier each year thanks to Dugway‘s annual Small Business Vendor Fair.... Read More

It took an assortment to plant native grasses April 18, 2018 in observance of Earth Day at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. The native plants were placed along a firebreak north of Gate 2; it is hoped the native grasses will begin to push aside the invasive, non-native Cheatgrass that promotes range fires and doesn‘t provide food or cover for wild animals. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground PublicAffairs

Earth Day at Dugway: Planting native grasses to counter invaders

Robbie Knight looked down as he dug the toe of his hiking shoe into a small clump of Cheatgrass. Looking upward, he peered across a velvety brown covering the flats and slopes of the desert like a blanket.... Read More

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U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is the nation's leading test center for Chemical and Biological Defense, conducting efficient testing and support to enable our nation's defenders, inter-agency partners and our Allies to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards.

Dugway Proving Ground provides unparalleled testing, evaluation, training and technical support while maintaining a world-class workforce, facilities and quality of life for our employees and their families.

Established: 1942
Location: Northwestern Utah
Size: 800,000 acres
Elevation: 4,500 -7,000 feet above sea level
Temperature: -15 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

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