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Cristian Tabara (far right) explains how a fixture will be used to test the Next Generation Chemical Detector at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, during a Sept. 17, 2018 tour by Robert M. Miele (second from right), executive technical director and deputy to the commander of Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) in Maryland. Left to right: Danielle Terrin, test engineer with ATEC; Col. Mike Barefield of Army Evaluation Center in Maryland; Sun McMasters, chemist with Dugway Proving Ground‘s Chemical Test Division and Dr. Chris Olson, chief of Dugway‘s Chemical Test Division. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs

Dugway facilities amaze No. 2 ATEC leader

This massive Army post in the remote Utah desert is not unfamiliar to Robert Miele, but its capabilities have expanded or improved significantly since he lived here in the 1990s.... Read More

An exercise that emulated an inspection at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah by representatives of the OPCW, was conducted Aug. 9-16, 2018. Its intent: train and familiarize U.S. personnel from Dugway and outside agencies what a challenge inspection by foreign inspectors entails. Here, led by Dugway personnel, ‘inspectors‘ check and sample a chamber in which chemical agent detectors are tested ‘ a defensive use for which a limited amount of chemical agent is allowed. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs.

Dugway exercise prepares U.S. for chemical treaty challenge

Dugway Proving Ground was recently the site of a U.S. exercise that emulated international inspectors challenging its adherence to a worldwide 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention.... Read More

Command Sgt. Major Kyle R. Brinkman returns the unit Guidon August 2 during a Change of Responsibility ceremony at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground. The colors always rest in the care of the current command sergeant major who will now serve as the right arm of the commander. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Public Affairs
A Russian SCUD missile launcher was recently the interest of a system to detect ground disturbances at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Much of the system is sensitive and cannot be specified, but its developers use the data generated from Dugway testing to develop algorithms for detecting people, vehicles and pack animals after they have passed over the ground, or the burying of munitions and improvised explosive devices beneath it. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs

Dugway creates examples for ground-reading radar

Generating data that will develop algorithms to detect multiple vehicles, of varying sizes, at a distance after they have passed, was one component of a recent test at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.... Read More

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U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is the nation's leading test center for Chemical and Biological Defense, conducting efficient testing and support to enable our nation's defenders, inter-agency partners and our Allies to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards.

Dugway Proving Ground provides unparalleled testing, evaluation, training and technical support while maintaining a world-class workforce, facilities and quality of life for our employees and their families.

Established: 1942
Location: Northwestern Utah
Size: 800,000 acres
Elevation: 4,500 -7,000 feet above sea level
Temperature: -15 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit

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