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How We Test

Watch how testing at Dugway Proving Ground using the SMARTMAN test fixture helps keep our nation's warfighters and first responders safe against a chemical or biological threat...Watch

Dugway Proving Ground, April 20, 1943: Commander John Burns greets Women‘s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) Commander Second Officer (1st Lt.) Edna Short, newly arrived with 91 other WAACs. The scene is Dog (Ditto) Area. Photo from the estate of Lucy Ann Burns Kreischer (1929-2018), who was the daughter of Dugway‘s first commander, Col. John Burns.

Dugway‘s first WACs set example for all

Though the March 26 Women‘s History Month Observance has been cancelled, we can still learn of a remarkable group of women ‘ among the first on newly constructed Dugway Proving Ground ‘ and appreciate the example they set for decades.... Read More

Researchers observe samples taken from the protective suits under a fluorescing microscope. Photo by Jack Bunja.

Biologists Develop Rad Plan to Test Protective Suits

Necessity is the mother of invention. When the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) School‘s Joint Experimentation and Analysis Division (JEAD) needed to find a way to get more mileage out of the expensive protective suits worn by Army civil support teams in radiological environments, they looked for answers from what seemed like a peculiar source ‘ a team of biologists in the Utah desert.... Read More

Nine trailers, including this one, were disposed of as part of the clean-up initiative.


West Desert Test Center (WDTC), U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground (DPG), Dugway, Utah and the Chief, ... Read More

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DPG Chemical Test Division earns noteworthy accreditation

Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) has been in the business of testing for more than 75 years. From its beginnings in 1942, DPG has always been associated with chemical/biological defense. In 2019, DPG attained an internationally recognized certification for its chemical defense testing. This certification is with the International Organization for Standardization, and is designated as ISO 17025:2017.... Read More

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About DPG

For more than 75 years, Dugway Proving Ground has empowered our nation's defenders against persistent and evolving threats.

Dugway Proving Ground is responsible for testing and evaluating nearly all Department of Defense (DoD) chemical and biological defense capabilities. Within its nearly 800,000 acres, there are numerous state-of-the-art laboratories, unique test chambers and extensive field test grids.

In addition to chem/bio defense testing and evaluation, Dugway supports additional critical U.S. Army and DoD activities, including training for military and first responders, testing and evaluation of obscurants, and the development, testing, and integration of unmanned aircraft systems.

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