Where is Dugway?
Dugway Proving Ground is located about 85 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Great Basin Desert. CLICK HERE for a map and directions.

What is the best route to get to Dugway Proving Ground?
There are two routes to Dugway Proving Ground, you may take I-80 West and exit at Exit 77 (Dugway Rowley Exit). If you prefer a mountain pass, take I-80 West, Exit 99 to Route 36 South. Take Route 199 over a Mountain Pass and arrive in Dugway about 25 minutes after taking Route 199. Either way, make sure you have plenty of gas and watch out for livestock on the open range and/or deer. CLICK HERE for a map and directions.

Where did Dugway get its name?
The name “Dugway” came from the nearby Dugway Mountains; so named by the early pioneers when prairie schooners and Conestoga wagons were used to transport personnel and effect across the country. The absence of roads and passes through the mountains forced the trail blazers to dig a serpentine trench just wide enough for the wheels to enter on the up-hill side of the wagon. The oxen were hitched at an angle on the upgrade side of the wagon to pull the wagon in its narrow “dug way.”

Are there schools at Dugway?
Yes, Dugway has both an elementary (435) 831-4259 and a high school (435) 831-4566 on the installation. Schools are operated by the Tooele County School District. Schools generally operate from August-May. Telephone information follows: Dugway Elementary School (435) 831-4259 and Dugway High School (435) 831-4566.

What are the working hours at Dugway?
Most personnel work from 0650-1740 Monday through Thursdays. However, if needed, testing and training is also conducted on Fridays and weekends.

How large is Dugway Proving Ground?
Dugway is about 1,300 square miles or 800,000 acres (797,974 to be exact).

How many individuals work at Dugway?
As of February 2014, 1,715 employees work at Dugway—this figure includes military, Department of Defense civilians, contractors and other civilian personnel.

What eating establishments are available?
During the normal work week a Subway sandwich shop is available and a Community Club. If you are going to the Ditto (or West Desert Test Center) area, you may also purchase food at the Ditto Diner. However, if you arrive on the weekend, please make sure you bring plenty of food as these establishments have very limited hours. A small Air Army Force Exchange Services shoppette is also available with some fast food and fuel.

What other facilities are available at Dugway?
In addition to the three eating establishments, archery range, an outdoor pool (normally open from Memorial Day until Labor Day), a modern gymnasium, a theater, bowling center, library, Army Community Services, commissary, Child Development Center, School Age Services Center, chapel, and many other fine facilities.

What types of houses are available?
Bachelor housing apartments and family housing with various bedroom sizes (2-6 bedrooms). Military has first priority for housing followed by civilians and then contractors. Call (435) 831-3541 for more information.

What is English Village?
English Village is the residential/administrative area for the town of Dugway. Formerly called Easy area, it was named after, General Paul X. English.

What type of work is done at Dugway?
Defensive developmental and operational testing and training in chemical and biological warfare in the areas of protection, detection and decontamination.

Are there medical facilities at Dugway?
US Army Medical Command operates a medical clinic at Dugway. Military personnel may use the clinic. Civilian and contractor personnel use medical facilities in Tooele, Salt Lake City or other areas. Ambulances and emergency medical personnel are available for all testing and training activities.

How do I submit a visit request?
Sent your visit request via JPAS; W30MAA4 (Non-SCI) or W30MAA3 (SCI). If you are unable to send via JPAS, have your Security Office or Facility Security Officer fax a visit request to (435) 831-2499/2284 (DSN 789-2499/2284). Please address to 5450 Doolittle Avenue, ATTN: DPG-IN, Dugway Proving Ground, UT 84022 on signed, organizational letterhead. Include the Dugway POC and phone number you are coming to visit.

Can I shop at the Commissary?
Military, government civilians living on the installation, and retirees may shop at the Dugway Commissary.

Who do I contact about government benefits?
Dugway Proving Ground is currently assisted by Tooele Army Depot for civilian benefits. Please contact their civilian personnel office at (435) 833-2837 or (435) 833-2444 to learn about insurance, retirement, death benefits, etc.

I am a former DPG employee—how can I arrange to have a tour of English Village?
Please call the Public Affairs Office at (435) 831-2116 or 3409 to speak with a representative about a tour.

Are there lodging facilities on the installation?
The IHG features 56 extended stay rooms, with kitchenettes, microwaves and safes in every room. Rooms also include standard hotel amenities. Additionally, four family suites include dishwashers as well. Guests are encouraged to register and make payments in advance. To register by phone, call (435) 831-6500. Customers paying with cash or personal check are required to do so at check in.