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Project Manager Unmanned Aircraft Systems established the Rapid Integration Acceptance Center to provide a single location where all Unmanned and Manned aircraft can complete end-to-end testing and integration. Dugway Proving Ground has 1,299 square miles, surface to 58,000 feet MSL, of Army restricted airspace with low spectrum interference. This together with the collocated Utah Test and Training Range, comprises a total of 7,954 total square miles of restricted airspace. This setting offers the perfect environment for RIAC to execute their mission; training Government Owned Contractor Operated units, acceptance testing for Army UAS, non-program of record developmental test, quick reaction fielding, cross platform interoperability demonstrations, and Ground Based Sense And Avoid (GBSAA) test bed development. RIAC services are provided to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of PM UAS hardware and embedded software. Our facilities and test process are designed for rapid reconfiguration and maximum test scheduling flexibility to support a wide variety of testing with minimum cost to the customer.

RIAC Family of UAS

Test Planning and Execution
RIAC has been involved in all aspects of the testing
of the Army’s Unmanned Aircraft
Systems including:
  • Ground Tests
  • Flight Tests
  • Test Design/Documentation
  • Coordination and Execution
  • Airspace Coordination

Core Competencies
  • Integration and Test
  • Developmental Test
  • Test Methodology Development
  • Dedicated Test Management Staff
  • System Demonstration Test
  • Government Flight Representative (GFR)
  • On-Ground Operations Support
  • Flight Test Equipment Integration

  • Advisory Airfield with 11,000 Foot Runway
  • Hangar Complex
  • Laser Ranges, Targets, Training Areas, Impact Areas
  • Ground Base Sense and Avoid (GBSAA) Test Bed
  • Mobile Command Posts
  • Test Control Facility


Dugway Proving Ground Capabilities
  • Runway - 11,000 feet
  • Taxi way - 9,000 feet
  • Ramp - 500,000 square feet
  • Classified VTC Capability

RIAC Family of UAS

RIAC Capabilities

RIAC Family of UAS

Recent RIAC Tests
• Tactical SIGINT Payload/Production Prove-Out Test 4/Warrior Alpha Hellfire Shot

Project Manager
UAS Project Office
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898